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I Don't Like It Here! Get Me Back To Doug's Home Page!

I expect that if you're here; you're running a graphical browser, the browser you use is too brain damaged to handle real FTP, you don't have an FTP client or you're simply FTP illiterate. You lynx users can go back now, as there's nothing to see, move along. Or, if you do know your way around FTP and know what you want...

Do That FTP Thang!

You're otherwise probably merely a picky person, as you wanna see before you spend the precious time to download the stuff, afraid that you might melt your eyeballs on bad art. You probably will, anyway, but at least you're getting some degree of warning beforehand.

I can't really blame you. FTP is still the fastest method for getting files, but these are Modern Times and all that.Being the nice person I am, I've taken the time to crank out this handy-dandy little page o' thumbnails. If I did have my druthers, you'd be sitting at a console using lynx, telnet and ftp to drive around the net, but that's just me being cranky and old-fashioned.

As a sop to my being the aforementioned cranky, old-fashioned SOB, you're going to have to expend the time and effort on clicking that handy 'GO BACK' button afterwards if you're foolish enough to view the full sized graphics in the browser.


The Latest One
Done for this site.


Now, On with the Frivolities!

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